Next Creative Planning Workshop: Ask Me Anything

I run a creative planning membership for indie authors and poets, which includes a monthly workshop and other resources.

The next Go Creative! in Business workshop for Planning Patrons will run on Friday 6th August, at 5pm UK time (9am PDT, Vancouver, 12 noon EDT New York, 6pm SAST Johannesburg, 9.30 pm IT, New Dehli.) Check this world clock to find your time. (Replay available).

This will be an Ask Me Anything session, designed to answer any question, or solve any self-publishing problem, you might have.

What’s coming between you and the success you’d like your books to see?

What’s stopping you from finishing your books? From getting them published? From reaching more readers? From becoming profitable in your author business?

Let’s get you across those hurdles.

Sometimes just asking the right questions can help. Certainly getting the right answers can. We already have a range of practical questions lined up, particularly around managing book marketing as an ongoing task.

If your question is more around the inner work of being an author-publisher, we’ll be taking Cynthia Schaefer through an integration process that will tell her whether she should go ahead with her publication or return for another round of revision–an integration process you can apply to any artistic or creative question. And Shanaya Wagh has questions about the mental and emotional demands of writing and the journey we must take on each book.

And we also have a question for you, from planning group member Dave Cohen. What is the single best thing you’ve done to improve your writing or publishing (making, managing or marketing) so far? We’ll be pooling this knowledge and circulating it to attendees.

Registering also gives you access to an archive of previous workshop recordings, downloadable PDF resources, monthly planners and a Facebook accountability group.
Creative Planning

The “Ask Me Anything” workshop takes place at 5pm UK time on Friday 6th August. (That’s 9am PDT, Vancouver, 12 noon EDT New York, 6pm SAST Johannesburg, 9.30 pm IT, New Dehli.) Check this world clock to find your time.)

Don’t worry if you can’t make it live; there will be a replay.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop, if you’re free to attend live, or in replay.

And join us on to post your weekly intentions and accomplishments.

If you haven’t joined the creative planning membership in Patreon and you’d like to know more, check it out here.