My Creative Week 21 2019: Creative Planning Principles

The theme of my creative week was Creative Planning Principles, of which more below. But first it’s time to log the week’s accomplishments.

Planning Principles

In the Go Creative! method, it’s important for us not to just set goals and intentions and to do lists but also to log what we’ve made happen. You’re invited to share your accomplishments in our closed Facebook group, under the headings of producing, processing and positioning.

MAKER (Producing): Added to the Go Creative! Planner (see below for the principles that underwrite it) and recorded three poetry audiobooks. But the producer sent me back to the drawing board to be more lively and “actorly”.

MANAGER (Processing): Worked on a new sponsorship strategy with Boni, Communications Manager.

MAXIMIZER (Positioning): Tidied up subscribers on ConvertKit.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What did you find yourself producing, processing and promoting this week?

My Creative Week: Creative Planning Principles for Creative Entrepreneurs

This week I’ve been working on the Go Creative! Planner with illustrator Miki Lowe. This Planner processes everything a creative entrepreneur (CE) needs to account for, from deep purpose and passion, to small daily doings.

Miki is doing illustrations for the book that amplify the principles that underlie the planner.  (See left for her illustration of the “Pay Yourself First” principle).

These nine principles underwrite how I do my own creative work, rest and play. I’ve yet to meet an indie author or other CE who hasn’t found them useful.

Let me know what you think.


Nine Creative Planning Principles for Creative Entrepreneurs

The “Top Three” Principle

You choose the three things you want to accomplish by life’s end/by decade’s end/by year’s end/by quarter’s end/by month’s end/by week’s end. You plan for these, leave the rest to fate.

The “First Things First” Principle.

From your top three intentions for the week, you begin with your most important, must-do thing. You recognise the difference between important and urgent and do your deep work first.

The “Let Go” Principle

Creativity is all about selection and commitment. Choosing what you most want to create means other things must be deleted, deferred or delegated.

The “Show Up” Principle

You do what you said you’d do. Mostly.

The “Practice Makes Perfect” Principle

You do your core creative activity daily and you also understand the importance of creative flow practices to ease creative tension and connect you to flow.

The “Find Your Rhythm” Principle

You are connected to your own creative rhythms. You take intentional breaks and vary your pace, matching tempo to task.

The “Creative Balance” Principle

You balance money and meaning, creativity and commerce, profit and pleasure. And the three roles of a CE: producing, processing and promoting.

The “Pay Yourself First” Principle

Whether it’s investing in your learning, ensuring you get enough creative rest and play, or allocating your own payments and profits before you pay others, you don’t overlook your own needs.

The “Courage Before Caution” Principle

You express yourself even when that means stepping outside the norm or the accepted.

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