Monthly Creative Planning Session July 2020

The theme of his month’s creative planning session is “Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats”, SWOT for short, and we’ll be doing a SWOT analysis of where you are right now in relation to your writing, your publishing, and your creative business.

About the Monthly Creative Planning Session

These sessions are not large webinars but small-group, personal, guided workshops.

You leave each month with:

  • Clarity: Your creative month mapped out with clear intentions and a list of actionable tasks.
  • Achievability: Tasks and intentions are realistically time-based
  • Simplicity: No more than one guiding intention and three sub-intentions per month. And no more than three 90-minute creative time blocks per day.
  • Support group: A weekly accountability group, where we map our intentions and log accomplishments
  • Free e-books and resources: Downloadable PDFs of intention maps, accomplishment logs, and other Go Creative! worksheets, tools and planners

The focus is on integration. Integrating your passion and profits. Integrating creative and commercial. Integrating your business and your life. The tools are the creative principles and practices outlined in the Go Creative! books.

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