Creative Pace for Creative Entrepreneurs: Do You Need to Speed Up? Or Slow Down?

We hear so much about productivity these days and there is a widespread assumption that going faster (and then faster again) is the best creative pace for creative entrepreneurs. But this is by no means always the case. Sometimes what we need is to slow right down.

Getting creative around pace means getting conscious around pace: deciding in advance the optimal pace for an activity.

How do you decide what pace is right?

Generally, routine tasks should be batched and zipped through, and deep work requires you to clear the decks and breathe a little. But there are exceptions.

Preparation is key here. When you are planning a creative work, rest or play session, think in advance about what feels like more fun or at least alleviates more pain.

Explore and experiment. Start with a gut feeling about whether a particular activity is going to benefit from going faster or slower. Pace also depends on your mood at a particular time and your energy levels.

The most important thing to understand is that you have options around pace, not to unconsciously approach every task with the same auto-pace, and the associated feeling of mild anxiety that there isn't enough time.

Getting conscious around your creative pace is a key skill for creative entrepreneurs.

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