Creative Mapping: Flight Map: Work, Rest & Play

The flight map (weekly) is the flow funnel that should have most of your focus.

Outside of the here-and-now present moment, the easiest measure of time through which to observe what you’re making is the week.

Often the doings of a day feel too short.  The nature of creative work is that there will be blind spots, resistance and times when you feel nothing is happening,

It is but at the subconscious level and playing around with unsatisfactory work is often necessary to get where  you're going.

If you've turned up each day, if you've worked well, played well, rested well, week by week you'll be making amazing things happen.


Life mapping is best done by pen. Each map you need is available as a blank PDF map which you can print off and write on. You’ll find them here: Creative Life Map Downloads

Understanding that rest and play are as intrinsic to the creative process as work, download all three maps for the week, one each to help you lighten up and let go, as well as leap in.

With your Take Off [Monthly] Bird’s Eye View Map[Yearly Overview] Map in hand, take note of the seven most important things you need to do and note them in the large clouds and note the day you'll “land them” in the small cloud.