Power of Creative Intention Part 3: The Flow of Conscious Creation

This is Part Three in the Creative Intention Series. Read Part Two here. Series begins here.

Whether you are creative or creativist, the process of conscious creation is simple, though we do like to complicate it.

Here's how it flows, if con-mind doesn't come in with one of its stoppers or blocks (and it usually tries):

  1. You identify something you truly want, either spontaeously or through creative exploration.
  2. You understand that neither wishing (law of attraction) nor willpower (productivity plans) is the most powerful creative force at your disposal. That the font of your creative power is your imagination, its focus is creative intention) and its fuel is creative attention.
  3. You understand that your desire can be expressed as a thing, an experience, a feeling or an imaginative essence. Everything is all of these, at once.
  4.  You kick-start conscious creation by expressing your want as a core intention that you can align with at every level.
  5. You work, rest and play to bring your intention through the seven stages of the creative process. Each of these can be broken down, when they get challenging, into small waves of monthly, weekly and daily actions (there are lots of logs and planners for this in the library).
  6. You keep on activating the power of the imagination and taking the appropriate actions for each stage of the process
  7. You finish and display your proud creation.

If you take up the invitation inherent in the Go Creative series, you'll embark on taking one “significant something” through this process: from wish to want, from want to vision, from vision to drafting.

And, in the next part of the series, from deepening to revision and from revision to completion.

In so doing, you'll witness the creative process in action, not as an idea, a concept passed from my brain into yours, but as your own lived experience.

And you'll acquire the skills you need to consciously create anything.


Yes, anything.

Next Time: What Have You Created Already?

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