Power of Creative Intention Part 7: Choosing True Wants

This is Part Seven in the Power of Creative Intention Series. Read Part Six here. Series starts here.

Now you've accumulated a very long list of wants, needs, desires, cravings, urges, nice-to-haves, it’s time to choose and select.

Contrary to what many “Law” of Attraction gurus preach, conscious creation is not about accumulating more and more, it’s about selection: choice and commitment.

Go through your long list and begin to cross off the maybe-somedays and yeah-whatevers.

Your aim is to be left with seven options on your list: to make your millions, meet your mate, boost your business, write your book, get yourself fit, clear your debt … the things and experiences you most want in your life right now.

Download Your Choosing True Wants Log here.

If you’re not sure whether something should stay or go, ask yourself what you’re prepared to give up to have it. How many hours are you willing to devote to it? How much money would you invest in it?

If you find yourself thinking: “I would love to spend time creating this” or “I would happily spend money on this”, that’s a keeper.

Whittle your long list down to seven things.

Now Choose Three

Thought that was hard? Now from that seven, pick your favorite three.

It might take you some days to do this. Time spent doing this exercise properly can save you years of a half-life doing or acquiring the wrong things. So often we're led by what our mother, or spouse, or the big bad world thinks we should want, rather than by what we really, truly love.

You may also find as you do this exercise that things you thought were core for you are not making the list.

Wants and needs fluctuate. Sometimes we think we want something but as we begin to get serious about it, the desire fades.

This is good.

A desire dropped is as good a desire fulfilled. Both move you on.

So take your time. Enjoy the process.

Once you've narrowed your choice down to three, write them down in your log and use it to order the three in order of preference: 1,2.3.

Most Significant Something

This process has given you “the one”: the single want that you want more than you want anything else. This is your MSS, your most significant something.


Next time, we’ll do an exercise that double-checks that you've got it right and reframes your desire for your MSS as creative intention.

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