Power of Creative Intention Part 4: What Have You Created Already?

This is Part Four in the Creative Living Series. Read Part Three here. Series starts here.

We're now almost ready to move into the Pre-Intention stage, where we figure out what your intention should be.

Going creative always begins with where you are. First stop then is to figure what you've created already. — everything you own or experience at the moment has arisen from previous intentions conscious or unconscious, expressed or unexpressed.

Everything you now own and regularly experience was created by previous intentions conscious or unconscious, expressed or unexpressed, that you've managed to manifest.

So let's take a close look to see what's working well for you right now, and what's not.

Creative Life Wheel

In the Go Creative method, there are nine spheres of creation in life. The Life Wheel helps you to work out which sphere you want to activate first, by setting a creative intention within it.

Download the Creative Life Wheel Here 

You'll mark 1 to 10 how you feel you're doing in each sphere.

But — super-important this — life will always be imperfect. No matter if all were out at 9 or 10 (and few of us feel that way) you'd still be a humanoid, not a robot or a god.

Actually, it's accepting that we will always fail and succeed at different dimension of life, in our perfectly imperfect, human way, that puts us out near nine or ten.

So today, mark each segment of the sphere 1 to 10

Then tomorrow, do three pages of f-r-e-e-writing about what you felt during, and arising from, the exercise.

Next time we'll look at what you learned from this, and two other exercises that will take you towards making a clear intention.

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