Inspiring Lives #1: Elvis

Inspiring Trait: Focus.

While Elvis’s raw talent has obviously touched millions of lives, the moment in his life that I find most inspiring happened not long before he died.  By this time, so much had been lost to him: his marriage, his child, his self-control, his looks, his health, his grip on his talent.

But in performance, he still had moments when

what made him Elvis lived again.  

One of those moments is captured in the video below.  It’s an intense struggle for him to perform this song, Unchained Melody, the finale of what was to be his final concert.  Look at how every muscle is straining and sweat is falling into his eyes from the effort.  But note too that smile he bestows upon his aide as he settles into the song, sensing that this time he won’t fall apart as he had in previous concerts, that this time he will do it justice.  

Watch how he focusses in to ensure that he does.

And join with him in that “Yep!” of artistic satisfaction at the end.  A cry of freedom, during that moment, from his demons. 

Click Here to Watch: Elvis to the End


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