Creative Is The Opposite To Consumerist

Going creative is a choice that the conventional world doesn’t want you to make.

Convention prefers you to play safe, to avoid adventure and opiate yourself with TV, pornified sex, cheap romance and mindless consumerism. Included in that conventional world is your own “con-mind state”, your own conventional intelligence.

You may well prefer wanting and wishing to working and making. Lots of people do. The creative process is powerful and that means it can be powerfully disruptive.

While the process is always moving us towards happiness and freedom, it is also always challenging our assumptions and attitudes and calling for change. Gloria Steinem, the author and activist, once said:

The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.

yes, going creative can be scary, disorienting, exposing and even painful. A creativist believes it’s worth all that — and more.

Not just because, actually, all ways of living are scary, disorienting, exposing and painful.  But because to take the creativist way is to be more alive.

To be more you.

In the end, you come to realize that it’s not what you create that counts most but the sense of the process acting through you.

Nothing is more exhilarating than looking around, right here, right now, and saying: “Wow! I’m consciously creating this!”

Which a good creativist gets to do many times a day.