Creative Intentions Week 44 2019: Alliance of Independent Authors and Orna Ross Publications

Are you looking forward to the creative week ahead? Below I map my creative intentions for week 44 2019, under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear in these digital days: that of Maker (who produces), Manager (who processes) and Maximizer (who promotes).

Join us here, in our private facebook group, to map your creative week with other authors and creatives.

Each Sunday we outline our creative intentions to each other. And then we follow up on a Friday with what we’ve actually accomplished during the week.

We also support and motivate each other, and the maps and logs help to hold each other accountable.

Creative Intentions Week 44 2019: Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)

These are my intentions, wearing my three hats, as Director of ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authorsa non-profit association for self-publishing authors. 

  • MAKER: New Quick & Easy Guides on getting books into libraries and getting more reviews to send to editor. The podcast this week is Self-Publishing Poetry, with Dalma of PublishDrive. Further development of the Indie Author Rights Program.
  • MANAGER: Some accounting hangovers to tidy up. Follow up on the Amazon-hosted parliamentary meeting of last week.
  • MARKETER: Email to our ambassador and advisor network. Reach out to other author organizations.

Creative Intentions Week 44 2019: Orna Ross Publications

These are my intentions, wearing my three hats, for my author-publishing business. As an indie author, I publish in many formats and on many platforms, including this website) and I follow a multiple streams of income model

  • MAKER: Final chapters of Creative Self-Publishing. The end is nigh! Another three shared meditations and f-r-e-e-writing practices on the theme of mindfulness and creative empowerment.  (Join us for flow practice here). New blog post each Tuesday: “Notes from an Author-Publisher” and new fiction post each Friday.
  • MANAGER: Making changes to my week with Kayleigh, who supports the blog, to integrate this new schedule.
  • MARKETER: Promoting Allowing Now, my new book of mindfulness poems. 

That’s what I’ll be up to. What about you? What will you be producing, processing or promoting this week?

creative intentions week 44 2019Do pop over to our Go Creative! in Business Facebook group to map your own intentions. We support and motivate each other, and the maps and logs help to hold each other accountable. 

There are lots of creative accountability groups on Facebook, what’s unique about ours is that our report is given under those three creative hats. 

It’s completely free, there’s no selling or self-promotion, and you can leave anytime if it isn’t the right fit for you.

You’ve nothing to lose and it may be just the creative boost you need.