What Are You Making in Your Creative Business This Week? Creative intentions: Week 2 2019

So what are your creative intentions: Week 2 2019, the first full working week of this new year? In our Go Creative in Business group, each week we outline our creative intentions to each other.

And then we follow up on a Friday with what we’ve accomplished during the week.

Our report is given under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear.

Creative intentions: Week 2 2019

So my creative intentions this week, wearing my three hats are:

  • MAKER needs to finish the Quarterly Planner that I’ve been working on with Jane Dixon Smith for weeks now.
  • MANAGER is all about prepping my upcoming tax returns
  • MAXIMIZER has now set Friday as Pitching Day and I’m putting together the list of those I want to approach for partnerships this year.

What’s on the creative cards for you this week?