Good Creative Intentions Start Here

waveBreakCreative intentions are not reducible to the ‘goals’ beloved of business management and success gurus. It is certainly possible to bring a desire to fulfilment using this sort of motivation but, for many, particularly those of a more creative bent, such an approach leads to frustration, procrastination and block.

It’s too managerial, too rational, too conscious. What’s missing is a tap into the vast reservoir of the imagination.

In setting creative intention, it is useful to think about the mind, and our experience of the world, in three dimensions: Top Mind, Deep Mind and Beyond Mind.

Top Mind                     Deep Mind               Beyond Mind

Conscious                        Subconscious           Unconscious

Rational                           Creative                      Inspired

Visible                              Invisible                     Virtual

Body/Brain                     Mind/Heart               Spirit/Soul

Intellect                           Emotion                      Intuition

Individual                       Connected                   Infinite

Classical                         Modernist                    Quantam

Map                                  Territory                       Dark Matter

Managerial                    Facilitatory                   Allowing

Information                   Insight                           Illumination

Separate                          Interactive                     Unified

Our intentions are truer, higher, more satisfying, more likely to be fulfilled and more useful to others when we draw on our Deep Mind and Beyond Mind in framing them and following them through.

The Imagination

Imagination is the only human faculty capable of accommodating all three dimensions of self.

Given that our imaginative capacities and creative intelligence are actively restrained by schools, workplace and society that favour Top Mind and analytical, rational modes of understanding, we have to knowingly reconnect with this faculty that is suppressed in us.

The good news is that our creative intelligence is always there, available to us, though we are not always available to it. It is an underground reservoir overlaid with rock and debris; if we dig through these (ABCDEs) we will open a space through which it can gush to the surface, surprising and delighting us with what it brings forth.

Setting good creative intentions, therefore, requires us to go deep. We must bring the imagination, not just to the content of whatever it is we’re (co)creating but also to its conception and construction.

Not just to the what, but to the how — everything from the form it will take to the eating, sleeping, working, playing and recharging we will do as we create it.


The Seven Stages of the Creative Process.

The 2nd Stage: Incubation (Germinating)
The 3rd Stage: Investigation (Researching)
The 4th Stage: Composition (Drafting)
The 5th Stage: Amplification (Deepening)
The 6th Stage: Clarification (Editing)
The 7th Stage: Completion (Finishing & Going Public)

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