Power of Creative Intention Part 9: Stating Your Intention

This is Part Nine in the Creative Intention series. Read Part Eight hereSeries begins here

You now have one creative intention that stands out from all other possible intentions. We're almost there. 

Look back over the maps you've done. Acknowledge again what you've created in your life that you love. This gives you the right consciousness of your role in the process, to take forward into this new creation.

If you look back you see that you couldn't have created all the good things in life by yourself but also that you played your part in bringing them about.

With that knowledge in hand, f-r-e-e-write your creative intention, as if you were placing an order for your Significant Something to be manufactured by a crack, cosmic team who don’t know you, and don’t quite understand what you’re talking about.

They will deliver, but only if you explain in great detail and cover everything.

Now write it out in a sentence that begins: “I intend to…”

Next time we'll look at sharing your intention with trusted others.

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