Creative Clinic. Why Am I Doing This?

Hi Orna
I'm wondering why I ever got started on this creativity business. I am an illustrator and cartoonist. At the end of last year, I set myself up to try to sell my stuff online. It's not going very well and I'm really questioning why I'm doing this. Is it ego? Why can't I get myself a proper job? I don't think I'll ever make money at this and I'm afraid that I'm setting myself up for a lifetime of unhappiness. Please help!
A Starving Artist.

Dear Starving Artist,
‘Why' is a useless question for anyone who wants to create. It's the great unanswerable, the toy of priests and politicians and philosophers. A football for the surface, ego mind to kick about.

Why is the great time-waster. The navel-gazer. The delay-maker.

Say Goodbye to Why. Focus instead on What, Who, Where, When and How.

  • What exactly are you offering?
  • Who are you offering it to?
  • Where will you do your work today (setting a space boundary)?
  • When will you do your work today (setting a time boundary)?
  • How will you offer it in a way that makes it irresistible?

Consistently, steadily, determinedly working the answers to those questions will bring success.

As to happiness, the zen master Thich Nhat Hanh puts it this way: you have all the conditions for happiness right now in this moment.

Your work is not a way to make you happy. Happy is the way to work.

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