The Olympic Opening Ceremony & Creative Intelligence

‘Danny (Boyle, the Director) created a room where no one was afraid to speak, no one had to stick to their own specialism, no one was afraid of sounding stupid or talking out of turn.

He restored us to the people we were before we made career choices – to when we were just wondering.

We shared the things we loved about Britain – the Industrial Revolution, the digital revolution, the NHS, pop music, children's literature, genius engineers.

As Danny wrote in his introduction to the brochure: “We can build Jerusalem, and it will be for everyone.”

He'll hate me for saying this but he has a very Catholic sense that yes, this is a fallen world, but you can find grace and beauty in its darkest corners – even if you chop off your arm to do so.

It made me remember the first carefree days when I blithely exceeded my job description, so I sat down and wrote a political invitation that pulls together some of the things I'd seen over the last few years – respecting a secret, tolerance of mistakes, the creation of a space where you can leave behind your roles. I've called it “The Dangerous Conversation”.

Danny said it was naive. I said: “That's what they said about the bikes, the Queen, save the surprise.”

“OK,” he conceded.

I've sent a copy to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Dow, the IOC.

Like the audience in the stadium, I'm waiting to see what will happen.'