Creative Intelligence Blog: Subscribers Update

Thank you so much to those of you who completed the Creative Intelligence Questionnaire.  Salema coloursYour feedback will help to inform what appears on the Blog going forward.

Top of the list for many of you was more exercises & assignments to boost your creative intelligence — so I will be introducing this from next week, in a new “Try This” column.

I'll be collating and responding to your feedback for some time to come but the other immediate change is the way in which email subscribers to the blog receive information.

From now on, I'll be sending shorter bulletins more regularly. I'm going to be blogging more often and, rather than gathering a number of posts together into a formal newsletter as before, each individual piece will come through to you as written.

Your questionnaire responses showed that such  shorter communications are what most of you would prefer. Also, new research indicates that information received in short, regular inputs is more likely to be read, assimilated and acted upon.

The other news this week is that the Inspiration Meditation e-book is almost ready.  Orlagh, the illustrator and designer, is putting the finishing touches to it as I write and it should be available for download within 10 days or so.

Thanks for your patience.


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