It Aint What You Do Its The Way That You Do It

THAT's What Gets Results.

Apologies to those of you who'll have the Bananarama version of the old song invading your brain for the rest of the day — but this saying is key for creatives.

People are always asking how they can be ‘more creative'. They want a formula, something they can buy, or apply. People, it's creativity.  Having more is as all about approach and attitude, a way of

meeting the moment and whatever it is you want to make happen.

Here's a sort of How-To:

H is for Honesty.

First, some bad news: you're not perfect. The good news is you don't have to be. All you have to be is honest, with yourself and others, about who you really are and what you want really to create. That in itself will put you ahead of the millions who'd rather do anything else but. So “be yourself,” as Oscar Wilde once said. “Everyone else is taken.”

O is for Openness.

Creation is always co-creation.  A combination of your conscious will, your unconscious mind and whatever life is deciding to sling your way today. You need practices that keep you open and alert to what's going on at the various levels: physical, emotional, imaginative. Otherwise you're forever circling the surface of things and getting distracted. Choose your favoured practice — FREEWriting, meditation, mindmapping — and do it often. Daily is best.

W is for Willingness.

There will be sacrifices, a test, a price to pay. That's the way it works. What are you willing to do, or let go, in order to create what you want?

T is for Time.

Take it. As much as is needed. More creations are strangulated by a rush to the finish than any other single factor.  No matter what road you want to travel, speed kills.

O is for Offering.

Offer it up, Roman Catholics are told, whenever something goes wrong. This is a good approach for creatives. The Catholics are talking about God but you can offer your work to anything bigger than yourself — truth, beauty, world peace…  Anything that is, except your own fame or financials.

When we create as an offering or act of service, it dissolves a layer of ego. We come closer to the mystery, that indefinable presence we sense but cannot see.  Time expands to something beyond the tick-tick of a clock and there is space for inspiration to enter.

We are, each of us, more than we seem to be. In the moment of concentrated creation, all that we are unites to give birth to a new something. Something more than the sum of its parts.

Which leaves us more honest, more open, more willing to do it again the next time.

So, all together now: It ain't what you do, it's…