Summer Course: Getting It Done.

I'm running an online coaching course this summer, Getting It Done (The Creative Way).

This creative intelligence course will run over the three months of June, July and August 2011 and is targeted at those who know what they want to create but are confused, overwhelmed, procrastinating, stuck, resisting or self-sabotaging.

Application is in two parts:

Application Process

Part 1: an email telling me what you want to make and why — and why it's not happening for you. (The harder you're finding the challenges, the more likely I am to want to know more).
Part 2: If you seem like a good ‘fit' for the course, I'll send you a more detailed application form and questionnaire to establish exactly where you are in the creative process (stages 1 to 7), more details about your history and other important stuff about the project you're planning.

Successful applicants will be informed before May 24th. If accepted, you will be expected to do some hours pre-preparation based on your answers to the questionnaire, leading up to our first online class on Wednesday 1st June 2010.

Online Learning

Our online classroom is powered by WizIQ, “the best virtual classroom for online learning”, chosen by institutions from Stanford to Cambridge, providing multi-way audio communications, video, whiteboard, powerpoint, AV presentations etc. Essentially, everything you find in a good classroom, but in the comfort of your home or special creative place.

We'll reconvene the following week to begin the course proper and then meet for two hours on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, sharing the experiences of the previous fortnight, learning from each other, until 31st August — by which time you should have got it done!


The cost is £395 (incl VAT & all materials, exercises, texts etc; payment plan & money-back guarantee available). This is much less than the price of a summer weekend away and, frankly, a far more exciting journey!

What You Want To Create.

Your project doesn't have to be what we typically think of as ‘creative'. For this one, I really want to mix it up, to have as wide a range of projects as possible. Writers and artists of all kinds are, of course, welcome but I'm also interested in having someone who wants to create money (to get out of debt , for fundraising purposes, or boost a business);  a relationship, a career change, a political movement, a social advance…. well, anybody who wants to make more of themselves in any dimension whatever.

Over to you.

You will be led through a structured creative process as follows:

June 1st,  4pm GMT/11am EST: Introductions & Preparation.
June 8th, 4pm GMT/11am EST: Desire: Working With Wants.
June 22nd, 4pm GMT/11am EST: Visualisation: Dreams and Doings.
July 13th, 4pm GMT/11am EST: Observation: The ABCs of Experiment .
July 27th, 4pm GMT/11am EST: Orchestration: The Logic of Expression.
Aug 10th, 4pm GMT/11am EST: Appraisal: Amplifying Simplicity.
Aug 24th, 4pm GMT/11am EST: Completion and Going Public.
Aug 31st, 4pm GMT/11am EST: Conclusions (What Next?)

Each session will require ‘homework', the completion of relevant exercises to move you forward. If you have to miss a session for holidays, that's fine. All sessions will be recorded and I'll send you through what you need to catch up (Thank you Mr Technology!). Everything will be focussed on supporting you to GET IT DONE.

(You can download an application pack, with syllabus, information and payment plan HERE)


So in summary: you need 1) to know what you want to create within the time frame; 2) be willing to receive support and contribute to a shared learning experience; 3) be committed to working (and playing) at the tasks assigned and 4) able to turn up as required.

Interested? Begin by emailing me here, putting ‘summer course' in the subject box and telling me what you want to create, why, and the nature of your challenges.