Creative Christmas 2018 | Indie Author & Poet Orna Ross

Each year, I have to stop, and get mindful, to ensure I enjoy a creative Christmas.

By that, I don’t mean making Yule logs or homemade Christmas crackers.

Going creative is not just for work, it’s for life and having a creative Christmas in this sense means deciding what you want to make happen and doing what’s necessary for the outcome you want.

Sometimes that means having a few goes at something before you get it right.

Try. Fail. Repeat. Fail better. Same always, whatever you’re making. Until you decide you don’t want that outcome any more.

The blog is taking a break now. Enjoy creating a good enough Christmas and I’ll see you back here on Jan 1 2019, for the first Go Creative! workshop of the year.

To those of you for whom a holiday is the time to catch up with the work that matters most to you, good luck with your special project. You’re a hero. It will be worth it. This is how you get where you want to go.

Wishing you and yours the Christmas you most truly want to create.

Happy Everything!


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