Week 44: I’m in Website Upgrade Mode. Fun. What Are you Creating in your Creative Business This Week?

If it’s Monday, it must be weekly creative intentions time. Here are my Creative Business Intentions Week 44 2018.


More poetry. On the first day of a new month, I release a poem on Patreon that’s exclusive to patrons. This time it’s a poem about Hallowe’en, the old Celtic meanings and what it means to each of us today, beyond an excuse to dress up.

I also hope to add 5000 more words to Making Money, Making Meaning.


This week, Manager Me will be making a deposition to the UK government’s All-Party Writers Group (APWG) as part of their enquiry into author earnings. I’m very excited about this milestore for our Open Up To Indie Authors campaign.

And over at ALLi, we’re moving into major website upgrades.


On the entrepreneur side of the house, we’ll be setting up press, publicity and member communications for 2019 with Boni Wagner Stafford, ALLi’s new Communications Manager.

What about you? What are you creating in your business this week?

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