Week 46: 2018: What’s Your Creative Business Making This Week?

If it’s Monday, it must be time for your weekly creative intentions for your creative business. Here are my creative business intentions for week 46 2018, under our usual headings of Maker, Manager and Maximizer (Entrepreneur).

As creatives in business, we need to be thinking always, about all three dimensions of our enterprises.

You can understand more about those three dimensions of creative business in this blog post.

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Creative Business Intentions for Week 46: Making (Crafter)

The Go Creative! series continues, and I’m getting into my stride, having settled down after the travels in October. But I’m off again shortly, home to Dublin for Writers’ Game, an innovative conference that encourages writers to cross format boundaries and explore film, games and virtual and augmented reality as well as books.

I’ll be talking about running a sustainable writing business and I’ll make the slides available here on the blog shortly. If you’re in, or near, Dublin, do come along. It’s going to be great.

Creative Business Intentions for Week 46: Managing (Director)

Over at ALLi, we’re planning 2019 and still in website upgrade mode. And improving our member communications, with Boni Wagner Stafford, ALLi’s new Communications Manager.

On the virtual assistant front, I’ve realized that we need somebody to pick up when people are unavailable from sickness or holidays, so working on getting our VAs trained to do each other’s jobs or pull in an extra person, where needed.

Creative Business Intentions for Week 46: Maximizing (Entrepreneur)

I’m in the middle of an attract and subscribe (ACCESS) marketing campaign for the newly named Three Pathways To Profit for Creative Entrepreneurs: Producing, Processing, Positioning.

In keeping with the marketing method, I won’t be releasing the book until I have enough pre-orders to lift it up the sales rankings and the other parts of my marketing campaign in place.

You can pre-order the book here.

And keep an eye on how I’m promoting it, and my new poetry book Keepers, over the coming weeks.

What about you? What are you creating in your business this week?

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