Creative Business Block Series Part 9: The Creative Cure For Creative Block

In this month's workshop we looked at the various ways that business block can show up. And how the tricks of your trade, the skills of your craft, the artistry of your art won’t address them.

No business advice comes close to curing them.

Yet, those who suffer from these droughts and frustrations produce like geniuses once they know how. I’ve seen it over and over again in workshops and in the two creative communities I run.

Beating Business Block

Willpower, time management, production push or efficiency are not the answer to business block.

These all have their place but they can be counter-productive if we don't understand our that, at source, a business block is a creative block.

The convention of treating creative and commercial concerns like they oppose each other has left many of us confused about that.

To transform, process, dissolve business block, you must meet your challenges where they rise—in your attitudes and habits, and in your understanding of the creative process, of what it is to be a creative in your business as well as in your project and product creation.

You must learn how a successful creativepreneur functions, and design your business to succeed in a way that suits you. You must arrange your creative work, rest, and play spaces, your household affairs, your relationships, your time, and your own mind, body, and spirit so they help you in this intention, instead of hinder.


The Creative Way

Once you’ve found your own creative way and established your own creative flow in your own creative enterprise, all those books and blogs about business, all those ideas and hacks, tools and techniques, will look quite different. Until then, they are a waste of your time and a vexation to your spirit.

Finding your own way means walking right up to that block of yours and seeing what lies behind it. It will be one of three forms of fear. Fear of failure, fear of success or fear of the creative process itself.

It's time to break down business blocks and go creative in business.

In June, I'll be running a workshop on this. Register your interest here (it's all free):  From Business Block to Money Flow: The Creative Way.

We'll be looking at the ways in which such blocks must be processed and dissolved.

  • Understand what it is to be a creative in business
  • Understand how a successful creativepreneur functions
  • Arrange household affairs, relationships, time, space and your own mind, body, and spirit to support your intention
  • Design your business to succeed in a way that suits you.
  • Understand Digital Assets
  • Understand Business Processes
  • Implement In The Right Order: Passion, Profile, Produce, Publish Yourself, Publish Through Others, Partner, Pace.

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