Not Breakdown. Breakthrough.

creative intelligence breakthrough

Creative breakthrough, in art and in life, can often be experienced as a breaking down.

Suddenly we ‘see' in a new way and the light this vision throws on our current ways can be frightening. Even painful.

  • ‘Yikes! My so-called friend is just using me.'
  • ‘Of course! That minor character should be the narrator'.
  • ‘He's not generous, he's using his money as power. How did I not see it?'
  • ‘Yes, I do have to delete the pictures that took me six months to put together and begin again.'

It's not a breakdown, it just feels that way as the mental and emotional landscape shifts,  allowing new forms and structures.

Even as we are startled, even as the unfamiliar truth disorients us, it simultaneously  has a rightness, an inevitability to it.

Be gentle with yourself as you are buffeted by the change. Hold still. Allow what wants to be born to break through.

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