Creative Anxiety Versus Useless Worry

When you set out to live or work in a more creative way, people worry.

We like to do that. Find a newspaper from a few years ago and see how few of those apparently important and urgent anxieties actually came to pass.

How even if they did, other conditions arose, rendering the outcomes unimaginably different.

And ask how the worry or anxiety helped.

I'm not talking about the sort of creative anxiety that gets things done, or natural stage fright ,but the sort of worry that marketing guru Seth Godin has defined as ‘experiencing failure in advance'.

It stems from a craving for control but the irony is research shows the more we fret, the less our bodies and minds are able to cope with — and thus the less control we have.

Worry is not what it thinks it is.  It is not common-sense. It is not a shield, against anything. It offers no protection and produces nothing of value.

All it is good at creating is more of itself.

Yes, worry and anxiety are infectious. Very. Which is why it's important to look them in the eye, see them for what they are.

Then go create anyway.

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