Go Creative Advice From Comedian Ben Elton: How To Improvise

Each week we feature a well known creative or creativist talking about some aspect of creative business. It's Go Creative Advice from Ben Elton this week:  Go with the flow and don't be afraid to improvise.

Everything about my profession and creative life has been an improvisation. The only way I can work is to follow my heart and follow what I feel like doing.

I certainly didn't think,”well, I'll sit down and write a novel – that's what's needed next! ” or, “the best move for me would be…”

I do what I feel like doing… my work emerges by instinct, not planning.

I don't know what's coming next. Sometimes I get a hint and might get nudged towards something. For example, Queen approached me about doing something with their son book for the stage.

At the time I said I didn't have an idea but it just dated and a year later, the idea dropped in my head.

Fortunately, rock stars move that a stately pace and they didn't have anything else. Had I initially said yes, it wouldn't have worked.

You've got to want to do something: you can't make yourself do it.

The next thing I do will be the next thing I feel like doing.

Go Creative Advice from Ben Elton:

  • Take a break, often.
  • Let it flow: do anything initially and keep going until you get on a roll
  • Turn On: Read and watch for pleasure and stimulation, not inspiration.
  • Follow Your instincts More. Ask yourself what it is you want to do, not how successful do you want to be

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