Creative Accomplishments Week 7 2019. Concluding Feb 16th


Each week, a group of us sets our intentions and accomplishments together in a closed Facebook group, the Go Creative! in Business group.

I have been using this platform to note all weekly intentions/accomplishments but am now going to change this and focus here only on my own work as a writer and publisher, not the author community work I do for ALLi.

You are invited to share your accomplishments this week in our Facebook group, too.

What’s unique about our group is that our report is given under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: that of Maker, Manager and Maximizer. More on that in this blog post: The Successful Creative Entrepreneur’s Three Jobs.

Creative Accomplishments Week 7 2019, Concluding Feb 16th


  • MAKER (Creative Craft): The Go Creative! Planner is gone for proofing but the Starter Pack needs more attention in one section. Love poem to complete a book is written and now I have a book of love poems! Too late for this year’s Valentine’s Day … but timeless and good at any time of the year.
  • MANAGER (Creative Direction): Refine Open Mic payment process and document full the cycle: done.
  • MAXIMIZER (Creative Promotion): Set up an ad on my next preorder. This grew into a bigger task, of making an ad. for three sides of my publishing business: Go Creative! book pre-order (I’m testing a pre-order based marketing there); Patreon page for poetry Open Mic; and sign-ups for my fiction, so that’s a Maker task for next week. Haiku is back in swing on Instagram.