Join us to log your creative accomplishments Week 48 2019

How was your creative week? Below I log my creative progress Week 48 2019

Each Sunday evening, I map my creative intentions for the week’s work here on the blog. And on Friday evening, I come back to log what actually got made and managed and marketed during the week.

I blog this work for ALLi (the Alliance of Independent Authors) and Orna Ross Publications (my author-publishing business), in the hope that sharing the ups and downs, the steps and missteps, progress and setbacks of my creative journey is useful to others on a similar path.

A group of other indie authors and creativepreneurs (CEs) like to map and log intentions and accomplishments together on Facebook, under the three hats a creative entrepreneur (CE) must wear: that of Maker (who produces), Manager (who processes) and Marketer (who positions and promotes).

Join us on Facebook to log yours?

Creative Accomplishments Week 48 2019

Creative Intentions Week 48 2019: Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)

  • MAKER: Drafting of Creative Self-Publishing is all but complete. Self-edits start next week. And a new exclusive (Christmas) poem for my patrons.
  • MANAGER: Worked on a selective rights program for our authorpreneur members. More on this next week.
  • MARKETER: Working with Gary, our new website designer, on rebranding and improving the website. Again, work on this continues.

Creative Intentions Week 48 2019: Orna Ross Publications

  • MAKER: Nonfiction:  PoetryPoetry for Christmas: I did work up some new poems for the new edition. My fiction took a hit, though.
  • MANAGER: Organizing a blog tour for the Christmas poetry book. My first blog tour, interested to see how it goes
  • MARKETER: Set up materials for the blog tour.

That was my Week 48 2019. All in all, a busy week. What about you? What did you produce, process or promote this week?

Join us on Facebook as we record what we accomplished during the week, comparing it to the intentions we set the previous Monday.