Join us to log your creative accomplishments Week 47 2019

How was your creative week? Below I log my creative progress Week 47 2019

Creative Accomplishments Week 47 2019

Creative Intentions Week 47 2019: Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)

  • MAKER: I did a post for the ALLi blog on the seven processes of book publishing. Produced legal and contract guides for ALLi this week with Howard and working with Gary, our new website designer, revamping pages of the main website. (Coming soon: new logo and badges)
  • MANAGER: Setting up the newsletters and the other aspects of the ALLi rebrand. It will formally launch in January 2020.
  • MARKETER: Worked up a marketing plan workbook for poets for the ALLi podcast which is a form of marketing itself. Very meta.

Creative Intentions Week 47 2019: Orna Ross Publications

  • MAKER: Nonfiction: Creative Self-publishing. First draft is almost there. Poetry: prepping a new book of Poems for Christmas about beginnings. Fiction: Notes and ideas for In The Hour are going into Evernote.
  • MANAGER: Orna Ross Publications finances must be submitted by December 6th.
  • MARKETER: Some progress in aligning the publication marketing plan for 2020 with the ALLi plan.

That was my Week 47 2019. What about you? What did you produce, process or promote this week?

Join us to log your own progress this week here.

I blog the weekly progress made by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and Orna Ross Publications (my author-publishing business) on Friday evenings in the hope that sharing the ups and downs of my creative path is useful to other authors and creatives.

Join us on Facebook as we record what we accomplished during the week, comparing it to the intentions we set the previous Monday, under the three hats a creative entrepreneur (CE) must wear: that of Maker (who produces), Manager (who processes) and Marketer (who positions and promotes).


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