My Creative Week. Creative Accomplishments Log Week 25 2019

How was your creative week? Here are my creative accomplishments log week 25 2019. You can share yours with us in our Facebook group here.

My creative intentions, as outlined in the Facebook group last Monday, were:

  • MAKER: I have three projects in the finishing stages, to get across the line this week: Choosing A Self-Publishing Service by John Doppler; Copyright Bill of Rights with Boni Wagner Stafford and my own Quarterly Planner (now complete with illustrations). Plus as many poems as I can record for my poetry audiobooks.
  • MANAGER: Reigniting my Facebook ads account. They recently locked it for reasons known only to them. And bedding down the new banking/invoicing processes with Sarah.
  • MARKETER: Recording videos for Facebook ads.

Here’s what I actually achieved:

MAKER: Choosing and the Bill of Rights have both been put to bed. My first audiobook is ready for passing by Howard! Yes! And the planner is in final design and will be waiting for me when I get back from holiday. (I am off to Spain on Tuesday next for a family wedding and we’re making a short holiday of it, back on 11th July). I also put the F-R-E-E-Writing notebook into hardback and that’s now available here.

MANAGER: New banking is sorted, except for getting Sarah up and running as a Paypal User on my account. Less luck on the Facebook account lock: this one is carrying over.

MARKETER: I’ve written the scripts for two video ads, one for my Go Creative! pre-order, one for my poetry event and associated Patreon page. I will write about the experience and compare the results.

What about you, how was your creative week? What did you produce, process or promote in your creative business?

In our Go Creative! in Business group, each Monday we outline our creative intentions to each other. And then we follow up on a Saturday with what we’ve actually accomplished during the week. What’s unique about our group is that our report is given under the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear: that of Maker (who produces), Manager (who processes) and  Marketer (who promotes).