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People power is rocking poetry, taking it out into the streets and pubs and festivals and providing a new kind of patronage for poets.

In the past, only wealthy benefactors could afford to support poets and under that system, the poet had to commemorate the patron's ancestors and praise his doings.

Can people-power set poets free to create? With your help, I'm hoping to show that the answer to that is: YES.

Why We Need Poetry

support orna ross poetry on patreonA poem that works is a sliver of magic, transporting us beyond the conventional, the everyday, the mundane. A good poem comes at us sideways, catches us by surprise and then we are there: in the creative space between the words, in the space beyond place.

A poem does this while, at the same time, it is detailing the physicality of what is around us and what is within us.

That's the magic: inner and outer are Illuminated together.

That's why a good poem will have strong images, not just abstract thoughts. And a unifying theme, not just random sense impressions.

A good poem is like a tree, rooting deep while reaching high.

Why I Write Poetry is the poem I've written for my readers and patrons which explains the writing mission I am asking you to support: The Writer’s Call: A Poem For My Patrons

Becoming A Poetry Patron

support orna ross poetry on patreonI am creating a special poetry feed, for patrons only. You will receive a new poem every month. And I have lots of other loveliness planned (see rewards).

If I get enough patrons to make it lively, I will also create a closed forum for us, where we can connect with each other (see goals).

I want to create a corner of the Internet where people can gather to celebrate the resilience of poetry and its renaissance in the digital age. And learn how it is possible to earn a living as a person devoted to poetry in the digital age.

The world needs more poetry. Poems invite us to pay creative attention, to wake up, to enter the imaginal, the world of dreams and imagination, the world of insights and inspiration.

Poetry returns us to ourselves. Our whole selves. Our true selves.

Become a patron today and please accept my endless appreciation for your support and encouragement … and for your love of orna ross poetry on patreon

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Orna Ross


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