Creating Money: The Old Way…And The New

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Everyone lives by selling something”.  In this broad sense, we are all business people —monchique sunrise yes, even writers and artists.

And the old boundaries between business and creativity, which were never as fixed as they appeared, are crumbling.  The business buzzword de jour is “creative”, a trend that runs deeper than management-speak.

Globalisation, technological development, downsizing, outsourcing — all these developments mean you need a new set of skills to be economically successful today.

Creative skills.

  • Old Way: Favoured the Tried and Tested.
  • New Way: Favours Innovation    
  • Old Way:  Cultural Conformity.
  • New Way: Cultural Diversity.
  • Old Way:  The Bigger the Better.
  • New Way:  The Leaner the Better
  • Old Way:   Fixed.
  • New Way: Flexible
  • Old Way: Hierarchical.
  • New Way: Collaborative

Working methodically through bureaucratic structures and set routines is no longer the pathway to success — not for companies, and not for you as an individual.

We are the process of moving from an industrial-based economy that most prized conventional intelligence to an economy that values creative intelligence more highly.  This transformation is not yet complete — but it is happening already, in ways that affect you — and happening ever faster. (Old way: slow adaptation and adoption; New way: accelerating rates of change).

Everyone lives by selling something, as Stevenson said.  What are you selling in the our rapidly evolving economy?


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