Create For You But Pitch To Them

“I remember pitching to adapt the sci-fi book Spares for Dreamworks a few years ago.

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I started off gushing as usual about how much I loved the material. Within seconds, I pointed out that this could even be a second Blade Runner.

“There was a long pause and then a very polite response: ‘We were thinking of it more along the lines of Terminator 2.'

“The pitch ended very
soon after!

“The other film I always rave about, before being reminded it was a huge flop at the US box office, is Once Upon a Time in America.

“The moral of the story is: check your grosses before you enthuse.”

— Hossein Amini, screenwriter, Wings of The Dove
 ---from Prepare Yourself For The Pitch by Eileen Quinn and Judy Counihan.

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