Friday Fiction: Counting the Words To My Next Novel

A Life Before This One ExtractMy novel in progress is A Life Before This One, the first book in what has become a series of books about the poet WB Yeats and his relationship with mother and daughter muses, Maud and Iseult Gonne.

Thank you to those of you who have written, asking when it will be done. I wanted you to know, dear readers, that I'm working on it. I'm not getting a lot of time with my fiction this month and next, as we head into ALLi's ten-year anniversary, which we're going to be celebrating at the London Book Fair April 5-7, and online at SelfPubCon (April 16).

More on that over here.

At times like this, I've got to be really careful about protecting some writing and publishing time for my own projects. I've brought in this little tracker to help.

What I like about this word tracker, compared to others on the market, is that it acknowledges that very few people (read me!) can “consistently produce the same amount each day [so] Write track adjusts the author's daily goals based on his/her personal schedule, allowing them to more accurately track progress and achieve success.”

It's designed by a techie, David S Gale, whose wife is a writer and it shows.

I'm 22,000 words into the book, with about another 30,000 to go. And during this busy time, the plan is produce 500 words a day, which should see this draft done by the end of May.

I'll post my progress, using the tracker embed, each week as a way of staying accountable to you. And I'll announce a launch date soon.

Next week, I'll post the opening… an introduction to our narrator, Rosy Cross.