Monday Motivator. Week 50: 2018: Complete This Year’s Projects

As the end of the year approaches, there is still some time to complete this year’s projects before the holidays happen.

On Friday, I’m heading home to Ireland see the family before coming back home to London for the festivities. Yes, like many Irish people I have two homes.

In between, I have a few things I’d like to finish off.

  • MAKING (Creative Crafter):
    • Publish the planner and revised starter pack in soft and hardback.
  • MANAGING (Creative Director):
    • 2nd last push on the ALLi websites upgrade. We’ll finalize this on my return.
    • This year’s accounts to the accountant. (Manager Orna braces her shoulders)
  • MAXIMIZING (Creative Entrepreneur):
    • Organize podcast appearances for my virtual book tour in January for Three Pathways.

What about you? What is your business creating this week? What did you accomplish last week that makes you happy?

I’d love to know how things are going for you, and to see you in our group. Drop by there, if you can.

Or if you’re not on Facebook (or you’re all grouped out!), leave a comment in the Guestbook.

Till next time,

happy hatchings!


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