Creative Business Block 8: Type Seven: Wrong Work, Sector or Niche

This is the seventh block that can come between you and creative business success: applying your energy to the wrong work, or in the wrong sector or niche.

If it's a simple matter of “I hate my work,” that's clear enough. And yes, even though you made it and chose it, it's possible that you created something you don't like, even hate, out of habit or abcdeFgs of which you're unaware.

You may have been drawn in by external rewards, like money, prestige or power, into activities that don’t mesh well with your passion projects, or with your personality or talents.

A common condition for creatives is to have spent many years building a “shadow” career, maybe teaching an activity instead of doing it yourself.

Or editing, for example, when your real desire is to write. Are you doing something like this? Arts administration instead of acting? Government lobbying instead of grassroots activism?

However you got here, the upshot is: you find little satisfaction in the tasks you do, the skills these require, and the value of your work beyond the money it brings. Nothing comes naturally, you don't feel like yourself, you get poor feedback, you live for the weekend.

Disillusionment and even despair lie in wait.

Don’t believe the voice that says you’re stuck with your choice. You can transition to the perfect mix of income streams that grow your impact and influence, in a way that’s optimal for you. The next, and final post in the series, will explain how.

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