Creative Business Block 7: Type Six: The Stop-Starts

You have fertile periods and long stretches where you produce very little. And you're in the middle of a dry spell now. Or productive, but dreading the day when it stops.

Ebb is, of course, the natural response to flow, but your downtime is not natural rhythm or good creative rest. You experience it not as replenishment but as exhaustion, or indolence, or procrastination.

Everywhere there’s a sense of flatness.

You may be superstitious. Creatives are famous for these rituals–Ernest Hemingway famously used to sharpen 20 pencils before sitting to write, Stravinsky played a Bach fugue, the same one each morning, before composing.

Research shows that the less sure you are that you can make something happen, the more you engage in superstitious behavior. Superstitions aren't just about black cats and picking up pennies. Superstition is anything that confuses an outcome and cause. It's a major creative block.

Don’t believe the voice that says you’ve had your time in the sun, you’re a has-been, you blew your only chance. And don’t seek business or technical advice. Not yet.

Executive business coach, Marshall Goldsmith, distinguishes between your because-of list: things you do because they are proven to work and your  in-spite-of list, the things you do that hold you back but haven't completely stopped you. What’s on your two lists?

A critique of your projects or your business will not help you get into a flow rhythm, not until you reconnect with a proper understanding of your own creative process and relationship to it.

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