Blue Mercy Wins Firebird Book Award

Thank you to The Firebird Book Awards, who have placed Blue Mercy as first-place winner in the Mystery category. this year

This book is a literary family drama with patricide at its heart. Nothing is as it seems on the surface, and everywhere there are emotional twists and surprises.

Mercy Mulcahy has been accused of a crime that would haunt her to the end of her days. Now, as she faces her final chapter, she unveils the untold story of what really happened on that fateful Christmas Eve, so long ago. 
And why her own daughter stands in defiance against her.
Will you side with the mother…or the daughter? Discover the truth that divides them…and the secrets that bind them, in this story of love, loss, betrayal… and the ultimate sacrifice.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this book, especially cover designer Jane Dixon-Smith and editor John Cory. To Firebird for the award and to Book Award Pro for submitting it.

And of course all the readers who have embraced it. It takes a great reader to make a great book!

Blue Mercy 3D Cover
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