The Blog is Back

Happy New Year! And thank you for your patience while we made the background changes necessary to get the Creativist Club up and running and my own head shift, as I move into this space of creative entrepreneurship, which I define as making a living from your passion.

Most of the creatives in ALLi and the Creativist Club would like to transition to full time creative work, running their own creative enterprise.

That’s going to be the focus of this blog for the next year, alongside my own writing, of course.

As I put together the Go Creative! series, I find fiction writing does not work well in tandem. So I’m working on a film script of Her Secret Rose, and on an idea for a new script that will also be a novel, in time.  And, as always, I’m writing and publishing poetry.

I will always publish these first here.

What’s new is that I’ll be getting personal about how I do all of these things. The process I use to create the writing. And to publish. And to run my creative enterprise.

This willingness to show what’s behind the scenes is the mindset shift I needed to make and I had to retire a little to make it.

I always saw the value in sharing process and admire other creatives who do this. Now I’m looking forward to doing it too.