Beyond Block

Mental positions like those listed in the previous post can be a real block to going creative.

Here's a simple method to weaken their hold. Every day for 21 days, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, repeat the following:

I have thoughts
but I am not my thoughts. I am
the one who sees them swirl.
What can be seen is not

the seer.
I have thoughts
but my thoughts are not me.

I have a body
but I am not my body. I am
the one who makes it move.
What can be moved is not the mover.
I have a body
but my body is not me.

I have feelings
but I am not my feelings. I
am the one who talks them through.
What can be spoken is not the speaker.
I have feelings
but my feelings are not me.

I have wants
but I am not my wants. I
am the one who knows desire.
What can be known is not the knower.
I have wants
but my wants are not me.

If you persist, you will find that without thinking at all about what it means,  the underground font of awareness that lies beyond the thoughts, emotions, feelings and desires of your mind-body is spontaneously welling in you. Look for one or more of its characteristic qualities – freedom, lightness, ease, peace, solidity – flowing to the surface.

These are the mental and emotional conditions of creative detachment and achievement. Regular use of this simple mantra is the easiest way  to banish block and foster flow.

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