Be The Water: Creating Your Path With Your Flow

We've been having wonderful talks on the ALLi Author Member Forum about literary fiction, why we write and whether we should major on what new member, Katie Aiken Ritte, called “freestyling” or “brand”.

The perennial debate, creative or commercial?

The wonderful Roz Morris chipped in, calling attention to a post she wrote a while back: Long night of the literary soul, in which she and a friend she calls Oscar have a discussion that is rooted in their work as writers, but relevant to all creatives and creativists.

Here's one quote from it that I know you'll love:

There is a passage from Nevada to Utah called The Virgin River Gorge. It’s at least a thousand feet deep and so beautiful it makes one’s heart stop. It was carved by a small body of soft water that moved slowly and peacefully because it was the only thing it knew how to do, the only path it could take. With time, it created the impossible and a majestic beauty and monument to the power of unyielding persistence.

Be the water.

You can read the full post here.