Balancing Creative & Conceptual Intelligence

Just like you have a right foot and a left foot, you have a conceptual intelligence and a creative intelligence. And just like your feet, they were designed to work together.

Unlike your feet, however, one side of your brain has been treated as more important than the other by your school and, probably, by other institutions in your life — workplace, family, clubs… No wonder as you go through life, trying to make the most of yourself, you feel constrained or frustrated.

It's as if you were trying to walk with one foot. Getting them back in balance means understanding their different domains:

  • Conceptual intelligence communicates through thoughts, concepts, opinions and ideas. Creative intelligence communicates through feelings, emotions, imaginings and intuitions.
  • Conceptual intelligence categorises, creative intelligence breaks the box.
  • Conceptual intelligence critiques, creative intelligence explores.
  • Conceptual intelligence controls, creative intelligence allows.
  • Conceptual intelligence looks out, seeing human reality as material and given. Creative intelligence looks in, seeing human reality as imagined and co-created with life.
  • Conceptual intelligence likes answers, creative intelligence likes questions.
  • Conceptual intelligence sees failure as defeat. Creative intelligence sees failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Conceptual intelligence persuades through intellectual opinion and argument. Creative intelligence persuades through story, symbol and song.
  • Conceptual intelligence consumes art, writing and music as entertainment. Creative intelligence creates art, writing and music as expression.
  • Conceptual intelligence sees life as random and ultimately meaningless. Creative intelligence makes meaning through pattern and metaphor.

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