Alliance of Independent Authors Blog Roundup 2019 Week 47

This week’s highlights: Sacha Black and I answer, Who is Your Reader and Why Should You Care?; Howard Lovy interviews inspirational indie author Sue Stern, who at the age of 80 is hitting her stride as an author and, as ever, Dan Holloway has all the latest self-publishing news from the Alliance of Independent Authors blog roundup 2019 Week 47.

Self-Publishing Advice Roundup:

  • In this month’s #AskALLi Self-Publishing Fiction and Nonfiction Salon, Sacha Black and I discuss the differences and similarities of identifying readers of nonfiction versus fiction to help you build a strong base upon which to build all your book marketing activities.
  • A frequent worry we hear about at the Watchdog Desk is royalty reporting. John Doppler asks, how do we know that a company is correctly and faithfully reporting our royalties?
  • Copyright can be a confusing tricky little beast, especially if you’re a non-fiction writer. ALLi partner member Tim McConnehey, founder of IzzardInk is here to tease out the ins and outs of copyright for indie authors.
  • Call for speakers! Planning for the Spring 2020 Self-Publishing Advice Conference, a.k.a. #SelfPubCon, is underway. So it’s time we called for you to speak at the spring 2020 #selfpubcon. We’re ready for your submission, but be quick, the submission portal is only open for two weeks, it closes on the 30th November.
  • This week’s Inspirational Indie Authors podcast sees Howard Lovy interviewing Sue Stern, who at the age of 80 is hitting her stride as an author.
  • Anyone who sets out to publish a book needs to understand the seven processes of publishing. If you’re scratching your head or you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry. I explain each of the processes and why they should matter to you.
  • And finally, in Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up this week, he’s looking at; International Markets: Storytel vs Amazon; who owns the rights to an algorithm’s creations?; Amazon Ignite; and subscription selling on WordPress?

Lots to learn and ponder, as ever.

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