Alliance of Independent Authors Blog Roundup 2019 Week 43

This week’s highlights: Boni Wagner-Stafford and Adam Croft discuss, Go Exclusive or Wide: Which is Best for your Book?; Howard Lovy interviews inspirational indie author Victoria Noe, who writes “Friend Grief” books on dealing with loss and, as ever, Dan Holloway has all the latest self-publishing news from the Alliance of Independent Authors blog roundup 2019 Week 43.

But, before all that:

For ALLi Members: Announce Your Most Recent Publication on Goodreads

We are currently reviving the ALLi Goodreads group and you are invited to announce your most recent publication and launch there.

Announcements will be seen not only by our members but also by readers outside the member group.

You can find the group folder here.

We’re currently trying to get all our members across to the group.

In time, we will divide into genre groups.

In the meantime, you can be one of the first to make an announcement to the few hundred members currently there and be seen by those who will join in the coming weeks, as we give this project more attention.

Now, onto the roundup.

Self-Publishing Advice Roundup:

  • In Go Exclusive or Wide: Which is Best for your Book?, this month’s #AskALLi Self-Publishing Fiction and Nonfiction Salon, Boni Wagner-Stafford and Adam Croft discuss going direct to retailers or using aggregators — what are the pros and cons of each, which are worth the effort of going direct, and are there differences between fiction and nonfiction?
  • As we move into the final quarter of the year, it tends to be a time of reflection and future-gazing. Partner member Karen Williams, The Book Mentor, asks, What is the Future of Nonfiction Publishing?
  • In, Find Your Creative Heart, longtime ALLi advisor Joel Friedlander explains how to rekindle your creativity.
  • Eliza Green, ALLi author member, looks at the latest Patricia Cornwell novel, Quantum, and the shocking response it received on publication in, What Happens When Readers Rebel?
  • This week’s Inspirational Indie Authors podcast sees Howard Lovy interviewing Victoria Noe, whose experience working with AIDS patients in the 1980s prepared her to write a series of “Friend Grief” books on dealing with loss when somebody close to you dies.
  • Author member Rachel McCollin is here to show you how content marketing for fiction and nonfiction can help.
  • And finally, in Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up this week, he’s looking at; 50% jump in Createspace ISBNs; ALLi’s Ian Sainsbury wins Kindle Storyteller; podcast on StreetLib and Scribd in Mexico; and fun of the fair: beyond Frankfurt.

Lots to learn and ponder, as ever.

Each Wednesday I bring you this round up from the self-publishing advice blog, run by the Alliance of Independent Authors, the non-profit association for self-publishing authors. We offer many benefits to indie authors.

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