Alliance of Independent Authors Blog Roundup 2019 Week 37

This week’s highlights: Joanna Penn and I discuss how to use podcasting to market and sell books; Howard Lovy interviews inspirational indie author Debbie Young on giving back to the indie author community and, as ever, Dan Holloway has all the latest self-publishing news from the Alliance of Independent Authors blog roundup 2019 Week 37.

Now, onto the roundup.

Self-Publishing Advice Roundup:

  • Joanna Penn and I discuss how to use podcasting to market and sell books in this week’s #AskALLi Advanced Self-Publishing Salon.
  • The Alliance of Independent Authors, in association with Michael and Judith Anderle of LMBPN and 20Books to 50K, is launching an exciting Indie Author Rights Program, which will run across the next six months.
  • Boni-Wagner Stafford explains How to Get Editorial Reviews for Your Self-Published Book.
  • Rhythm is an obvious element in poetry but it’s just as important in stories, novels, even essays. As timing is to the sportsman or comedian, so rhythm is to the writer. Today, Bill Kirton ALLi author member, examines writing rhythm across literature.
  • This week’s Inspirational Indie Authors podcast sees Howard Lovy interviewing Debbie Young about how Debbie has traveled from early promise, to a detour writing promotional blurbs, to fulfilling her dream as an indie author of mysteries in the best of the British tradition.
  • The Self-Publishing Advice Conference is almost upon us, get the full speaker line up to help you plan your attendance and sign up here.
  • And finally, in Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up this week, he’s looking at; is DRM damaging the book business?; new technology is not killing the book; global opportunities and Selfpubcon and ALLi at DigitalBookWorld.

Lots to learn and ponder, as ever.

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