Go Creative! Flow Practice: Week 48: Creativepreneurs: Allow Flow Practice To Overflow Into Your Day

Each Monday through Thursday, first thing in my morning (usually 7.30am London time) I facilitate a morning Creative Flow Practice session in our closed Facebook Group: Go Creative! in Business.

And each Thursday I share one session from that week here on the blog, so you can try it and see if it’s helpful to you.

Creative Flow Practice: Live and Replay

A group of us meets live to practice but you can join us anytime, by clicking into a replay from wherever you are, whenever suits you (ideally first thing in your morning too).

We take this half-hour or so before the day begins to heighten our awareness of creative flow and of our own creative power–always there for us, though we’re not always there for it.

And then we bring that into the rest of the day’s creative work (and rest and play).

Creative Flow Practice: Inspiration Meditation and F-r-e-e-writing

We do two practices: Inspiration meditation and F-r-e-e-writing, both specifically designed for busy, creative minds. You can find guidelines here that explain the practices here but the instructions during the session are simple and you should be able to follow along without prior guidelines.

Being creative is never about reading or thinking; it’s about feeling and doing. And the only way to learn creative practice of any kind is by doing it.

The benefit of flow practice is cumulative. No one day is ever that significant. What is important is to show up, often. That’s how you prove to yourself that the creative way is important to you.

While I facilitate the space, and we do the same rituals each day to open that space, each person who joins in generates their own unique experience, each time. It’s always the same, it’s never the same.

The practice is exclusively offered to the Go Creative! in Business Facebook Group, where we also set weekly creative intentions on a Monday, and check up what we actually accomplished the following Saturday.

We also support each other in many other ways.

If you’re in our Facebook group, you’ll find past replays in the Units section. If not, you’d be most welcome to join us.

This morning’s creative flow practice was on the theme of:

Creative Flow Practice: Allow Flow Practice To Overflow Into Your Day

Creative flow practice is not something we do just for the time we’re sitting on the cushion or filling our f-r-e-e-writing pages. We practice in the morning so we have the skills we need when we meet creative challenge. Here are some ways to allow creative flow practice into your day.


Read the transcript:

Good morning and welcome to our morning flow practice. My name is Orna Ross and for the next 30 minutes or so we will be gathering together here to practice some inspiration meditations and some free writing. These are two practices that are specially designed for busy creative people in business particularly but anybody with a febrile, overactive creative mind.

And the practice is about slowing down enough to observe what’s going on in our lives, in our businesses, in our minds and we practice here together in the morning, first thing in the day, so the idea is some of us gather live but those who join us later at time that it is morning for them and so it’s first thing in the day we make this connection to the creative part of ourselves and our theme today is all about taking our flow practice beyond the session, the morning session, actually allowing it to overflow into the day and ways in which we can do that so it isn’t just about confining it to this small space but we practice the skills here in order to take them out into the day, into our business, into our lives so it isn’t a thing of apart, it’s very much part of everything we do.

So begin by settling in and becoming aware of the fact that you are here, that we are going to practiced together and one way off locating yourself very firmly in the moment that you are in is to become conscious of your breath and the creative breath of we encourage in flow practice is to lengthen the out breath, so as you breathe out, just breathe out a little bit more and when you get to the end of the cycle, the natural end just again to put out even more air and engage the muscles to squeeze out as much air as possible all the way to the very end and then just relax.

Just let everything go and see how the in-breath happens spontaneously and it’s the same with creative flow, we turn up here, we make the effort to do our creative writing and do our inspiration meditation and then we don’t have to do anything else, we just relax the effort and flow happens spontaneously and automatically.

So just breathing in that way will begin the meditation with three sounds all of the bell and that’s an invitation to listen, to bring your creative attention to the sound. During the meditation we practice with the space between sounds as well as the sounds themselves and for the free writing you need a notebook and pen so if you don’t have that handy, now is the time to get  that. So, three sounds of the bell to start.

With eyes closed, bring the attention to the left corner of the left eye. There see the word “know”, k-n-o-w and the sound of knowing in your mind. Know. Know. Know. Eyes right to the right corner of the right eye. And there’s the word “truth”, T-R-U-T-H. And sound. The sound of truth in your mind. Truth. Truth. Truth.

And eyes centre. Enter the space between the words. Breathe into this space.

Eyes right again. See the word “truth” again. And again its sound. Its sound in your mind. Truth. Truth. Truth.

Eyes left to see the word “open”. O-P-E-N. Sound. The sound of open in your mind. Open. Open. Open.

And eyes centre. Enter the space between the words. Breathe into the space.

Eyes left again. See the word “open” again. And sound its sound in your mind. Open. Open. Open.

Eyes right to see the word “allow”, A-l-l-o-w. Sound. The sound of allow in your mind. Allow. Allow. Allow.

Eyes center, coming to the space between the words. Be in the space.

And while you’re in the space. Sound. The sound “all”. A-L-L. All. All. All.

So we now turn to free writing, the writing segment of the practice. And our theme today as we said earlier is bring flow practice out of this morning session into the day and there are loads of ways to do that, you know, just the creative breath itself, just breathing all the way out to the end and really putting the effort into that is a really useful de-stressor if things are getting hectic and if the mind doesn’t know what task to do next it’s a very good way to to center the mind.

You can use any 2 words and find space between the words and it’s often very effective to use your first name, your given name, and your surname, your family name just the sound, the sound of those in your mind and then the space between the words again, particularly good if there is a lot of confusion going around or you need to settle yourself, you’re feeling the to do list is too much or any of those kinds of feelings and of course free writing itself is fantastic, you don’t have to do it for a set period of 3 pages or 15 minutes or whatever, you can just very quickly free write something if you have a dilemma, a problem, you don’t know what happens next, you don’t know what you should be doing next, somebody’s proposed something and it doesn’t feel quite right, free-writing, you know, switches off the mind and just allow the words to come can be a really good way to cut deeper and to get to a richer knowledge and a deeper knowledge than is, you know, available to us at the surface so there are lots of other ways so if this theme is of interest to you, you might want to explore it in this free writing session.

In a few moments, for those of you who may not have done it before, the writing bell will sound and when it does that’s your invitation to write as fast as you can and we will write for about 15 minutes or so. The bell will sound every 3 minutes or so as we go through and each time you hear it, that’s a reminder to keep writing fast, just write whatever words come to mind on the thing or just freely on whatever is there present in your mind.

So if you haven’t already, begin writing now.

Write a little faster.

Last three minutes, as fast as you can.

So finish the sentence you’re writing and put down your pen. And that is our flow practice for another morning.

I hope it went well for you but know that if it was in any way less than wonderful, according to your judging mind, that really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is just to turn up and to do it and to allow it to overflow into the day.

It isn’t just about overcoming procrastination and all the things we talked about before in terms of its benefits but it really can be a huge support in all sorts of different ways so to allow it to be that. Okay, back again tomorrow but we’ll take three sounds of the bell to see us out today. Have a creative day.

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