The Alliance of Independent Authors

I'm rather excited to tell you that the indie author's website I've been talking about for so long is finally ready to take members. Yes, the only global nonprofit association for the self-publishing writer has arrived.  

We're so thrilled at the bright and brilliant advisors that have come on board,  the brightest and most brilliant names in indie writer-publishing. Handpicked for their knowledge and expertise, they will provide our members with superb support and guidance.

There are a few more advisors to come. And more information is being added to the site between now and April 1st.

The official launch is on the 18th of April 2012 at London Book Fair. If you're going to be at the fair, we'll be in the Old Press Room, from 10am to noon on that day. Let us know and we'll send you an invitation.

We'll be having regular offline meet-ups but we're mostly an online association — and taking online members now at the Alliance website. Because we're still adding info and fixing small hitches, those joining now will have their membership extended to April 1st 2013.

So come on over. We'd love you to join, we'd love your feedback, we'd love to share advice and guidance and contacts with you  — and mostly, we'd love you to help us rock the indie – and the literary and publishing – worlds.

Here's the link: The Alliance of Independent Authors.

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