What Are Your Limiting Beliefs Creating? Know Your abcdeFs

TRY THIS: Map Your abcdeFs

Make a map similar to the one pictured (Creativist Club members Can Download a printable map in the member zone)

Examine your underlying attitude to what you're creating

Sit in stillness and quiet, letting your breathing become progressively slower and deeper. Prepare to write fast, raw and exact-but-easy. Let your thoughts rest, waiting to begin.

In the central cloud, My Attitudes Towards MyMIT*, fill in the blank, naming it: _____________________

* MyMIT = My Most Important Thing.

Within each cloud, using a few words or a short sentence, write out any attitude you hold, good or bad, about this most important thing for you.

Each attitude is linked it to the central circle with a line, so that when you've filled in the clouds, you've made an Attitudes Mind-map.

Carry the sheet of paper around with you for a few days, and whenever you notice that you are feeding yourself an attitude in your mind, note it in a cloud.

TRY THIS: F-r-e-e-writing abcdeFs

After a few days, f-r-e-e-write your thoughts and feelings about this exercise and what it brought up for you.


You can do the same mind-mapping exercise with each of the abcdeF headings: Beliefs, Concepts, Denials, Expectations, Fears.

You may well find there is repetition as you fill out each map. That’s okay, something you need to note. If it's coming up again and again for you, it has power.

You don't need to fight it. The beauty of this exercise is that noticing it is enough. Once the observing self has noticed an attitude or idea, it's never as strong. It can far more easily than an unconsciously held abcdeF.

It's what we don't know we don't know that has most power over our ability to consciously create.

Download the Beliefs Map here

Download the Concepts Map here

Download the Denials Map here

Download the Expectations Map here

Download the Fears Map here

TRY THIS: Add More abcdeFs

Carry these sheets of paper around with you for a few days, and whenever you notice that you are feeding yourself an attitude, belief, concept, denial, expectation or fear that you would like to question, note it on the relevant page.