ABC of Creative Intelligence. A to Z.

“Pass on from the name, and look closer to the source. The source will show you what you seek. Leave the form behind.bigstockphoto_Alphabet_2206897”   Rumi.

Before beginning our alphabetical guide to creative intelligence, let's just take a quick look at the alphabet itself — a most perfect example of creative intelligence in action.

With these tiny shapes – little black lines and curves on a white space – human beings have created an agreed code with which we can express our lives and our world.

And preserve that expression in a form that can be transmitted to people far away from us in time and space.

Analytical intelligence is necessary for us to understand the agreed structures that underwrite the alphabet — to read it.

Creative intelligence is what we do with that understanding, what we make it mean in our own lives

That is what our creative intelligence is: our own unique meaning maker.

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