My Upcoming Novel: A Life Before Launches on Kickstarter Soon

The launch of my epic Gonne-Yeats series is getting close. Seven years work is about to come together, with Book One: A Life Before, launching on Kickstarter soon.

This is the coming-of-age story of the two core characters, the revolutionary Maud Gonne and the Nobel-prize winning poet, WB Yeats. And it also tells of the conception and birth of the book's narrator, Rosy Cross, to three fathers. Yes, three.

Right now, I'm putting together a Kickstarter launch for this book, themed “More than a Muse”. It centers around Maud Gonne, a woman who inspired some of the greatest love poetry ever written but was a hugely significant figure in her own right, as a political activist, philanthropist and mother.

The Kickstarter campaign will offer readers some beautiful themed gifts and experiences, around this book, in addition to the novel in ebook and a signed hardback. And it will also kick off the campaign to see Maud Gonne honored with a statue on the streets of Dublin.

If the campaign is successful it will help fund the design and creation of the statue. If you want to be part of the excitement, click here  to be alerted when the campaign begins. I can't wait to share my own plans with you!

If you're not already on the Kickstarter platform, you'll have to sign up but that only takes a moment … and there some very cool projects over there.


Kickstarter page for Orna Ross's novel A Life Before
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