My Next Novel, A Life Before: Launching on Kickstarter in July

The launch of my epic Gonne-Yeats series is getting close. Seven years work is about to come together, with Book One: A Life Before, launching on Kickstarter in summer 2024.

This is the coming-of-age tale that tells the story of two core characters, the revolutionary Maud Gonne and the Nobel-prize winning poet, WB Yeats, as well as the conception and birth of the book's narrator, Rosy Cross, to three fathers. Yes, three.

Right now, I'm putting together a Kickstarter launch for this book, themed “More than a Muse”. It centers around Maud Gonne, a woman who inspired some of the greatest love poetry ever written, yes, but was a hugely significant figure in her own right, as a political activist, philanthropist and mother.

The Kickstarter campaign will offer readers some beautiful themed gifts and experiences, around this book, in addition to the novel in ebook and a signed hardback. And it will also kick off the campaign to see Maud Gonne honored with a statue on the streets of Dublin.

If you want to be part of the excitement, click here  to be alerted when the campaign begins. I can't wait to share my own plans with you!

If you're not already on the Kickstarter platform, you'll have to sign up but that only takes a moment … and there some very cool other projects over there, that may also interest you.

Stay tuned for more.

Kickstarter page for Orna Ross's novel A Life Before Click to be notified on launch[/caption]

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